3 definitions by Vice President

Someone (usually big or tall) that you follow through a large crowd of people. They "break" the throng of people, leaving a large space behind them for potential following.
Bob: Man, it's gonna take forever to get through here. Look at all the peeps.
Fred: Quick, find a crowdbreaker.

Tall Guy: Hey, let's go over there!
Short Guy: K, you be our crowdbreaker.
by Vice President March 28, 2007
The result of men holding out on having sex with their significant other. The man gains control in the relationship and is able to do however he pleases, while the female yearns for his attention and sex.
Shaun used his Dick power to get Carol to buy him a Harley Davidson.
by Vice President January 31, 2015
Bob: Hey Joe, did you do that english assignment?
Joe: yeah, that thing was 51 flavors of retarded
by Vice President November 18, 2006