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The last, late night attempt of a woman to pick up a man at the bar, party or other social and intoxicated scenario. Usually this occurs when the woman set out to get laid, and now must make such a thing happen in order to not feel the shame of dick-lack.
"Dude, she is the queen of the dick dive, took her 5 minutes to grab a bro and bail."
by Nate Froggy Frogg September 24, 2011
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The highly masculine act of open hand smacking (or grabbing!) of another man's genitals, accompanied by the exclimation "DICK DIVE!"
"Hey do you see that hottie over there?" (points, friend looks in that direction) "DICK DIVE!" (Smashes friend's penis, friend groans in pain).
by Scott "love fist" Ward September 20, 2007
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