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Verb. The act of forcibly beating another repeatedly with an erected penis. Also known as a DB for short.
After Ted had found Sally cheating on him he unzipped his pants pulled out is hard throbbing man rod as strong as a horses leg but as soft as a flower wrapped in silk and dick beat her silly.
by Chester B. March 19, 2008
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A perjorative term used by "in-the-know" rhythm section members to describe endless blues jams of the kind typically put forth by middle-aged white guys.

Originated in Syracuse, N.Y. (the self-proclaimed "blues belt" of Central New York) circa 1995, possibly following a mind-numbing set of medium-tempo shuffles at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.
"How'd that gig at Dinosaur go?"

"Three sets of dick beat, man."
by Tristan Fabriani July 11, 2017
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When your dick feels like it's beating like a heart
Looking at that fine ass makes my dickbeat fast
by 4kshay October 12, 2015
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