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A person who stalks or creeps on people on the Internet to collect information about them.

Can also be used as a verb.
This guy knows what I ate for breakfast, what a dfit!
by 3157371 January 05, 2011
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duh fuck is this shit?

pronounced: duh-fits
Teacher: I'm passing out your essay assignments due next friday

paper lands on students desk

Student: dfits?
by muffin56 February 09, 2011
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D.F.I.T. = Dumpster Fire in Training. (See definition for Dumpster Fire.)

Visual example: If you were to see a teenage girl walking down the street smoking the wrong end of a cigarette, with one flip flop and one fuzzy boot, short-shorts modified to reveal her entire uterus for the world, wearing ridiculously over-sized bedazzled sunglasses, 6 colors of jacked-up make up, a cut-up wife beater top, and evidence of recent substance abuse visible from a distance...

That chick is a total dumpster fire in training!
Guy 1: "Woah... dude! Did you see that train wreck that just walked by?"

Guy 2: "Yeah bro... total DFIT."
by SgtWrecker October 31, 2010
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