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The term 'devo' is short for devostated. It is usually applied in colloquial circumstances or when a less meaningful effect is required. It is most effectively used when pronouced in a bogan accent with an emphasis on extending the 'o'.
"I can't go out this weekend anymore sorry. I'm grounded."
"Oh devo!"
by Meeho July 31, 2006
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Kick ass early 70's punk band best known for the 1981 hit song Whip It. They are a band that was severely ahead of their time, but don't get the respect they deserve.
The Devo song Wiggly World kicks ass!
by Tippi Tai May 25, 2003
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Short for devolution. Meaning to regress or degenerate. To evolve backwards
To deny all sciences would result in a great devolution for humanity.
by William H Ballard February 26, 2004
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Most incredible band ever. Only know for their song "Whip It" which is sad, since that is their worst song. The greatest spuds on the universe.
Did you check out the Paul Green School of Rock doing their Devo cover in their tyvec suits? They are wicked awsome.
by Anna Case June 25, 2004
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an amazing band that noone cares about anymore cept for the last few remaining devo fans. what happened to this amazing band i guess noone respects 80's magic anymore. it means de-evolution which in turn means the decline of science and modern technology until eventually we are once again apes. im sorry if i offended those of you who believe in the bible creation stories i know its not politically correct but please dont sue me.
some good Devo songs are working in a coal mine, gates of steel, whip it, bread and butter, be stiff, just a girl, and many more
by alex z April 19, 2006
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A DeVos refers to a spoiled trust fund baby who is so isolated from reality that he/she must buy friends and approval. DeVos are normally born into a vast fortune but on occasion they have been know to marry into money as well.
That stuck up bitch has a major DeVos complex.
That fucking DeVos is so cocky she didnt even bother studying.
Did that ass hat DeVos just say Grizzly Bear?
Thanks to that DeVos the entire lower and middle class just got fucked out of an education.
by Filthyfill February 08, 2017
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