Cindy: So how was the devirginization with Bob?

Kelly: I felt like I was being ripped apart.

Cindy: Ouch!
by Nata Mc June 13, 2007
A person who consistently sleeps with virgins i.e. removes their virginity or pops their cherry. Can be male or female.
Chris is such a devirginator, thats the fourth cherry he's popped this year.
by AnnieG August 10, 2005
pop the cherry, pop their cherry, pop her cherry, pop his cherry, took her virginity, took his virginity
Ellen wanted to become sexually experienced so she asked Marty to devirginate her.
by owen woe June 15, 2014
not in a state of being a virgin
friend: omfg!! you had sex with BILLY?
girl: yes! I am devirginized!!
by teh definitioner August 15, 2003
1. (v.)To take one's virginity.
2. (v.)To remove a person or object's purity, or innocence.
come 'ere baby... Uncle Jesse's gonna devirginize your sweet little pussy for you.
by Adolf Hitler jr. April 4, 2003
one who has takin so many peoples virginity that she is known as the village whore.
"katie carol is a total devirginator"

"wow she devirginated joel wilson on a box in the library?"
by lmfaoooooo April 8, 2006