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A young man or woman (usually with emotional issues) whom seeks attention from like-minded deranged Deviantards by posting 'art' on Deviantart. The Deviantard truly believe that their art will one day make them a famous artist and Deviantards usually delude each other further with this myth by posting comments like... nice crop ... I cried when I looked at this... although the picture is black, I too I see colour. The deviantards best freind is Photoshop. Although over use of photoshop gives the impression of not being a purist photographer (Deviantards avoid this in order to remian a serious artist). The deviantards profile must be creative cliche, for example, in favorite movies they must list films like Donnie Darko, Amelie, Fight Club, American Beuty, Fargo. The movie list has to be artistic otherwise it would destroy the seriousness of the Deviantards work. The more obscure the references of music, artist, the more creative they believe they will look. Devaintards are usualy bi-polar. Bi-polar=creativity. The deviantard sometimes has a thought-provoking tag for when they post comments (tag example: to dream is to live, in my reality I live, I am a dreamer, I am... dreaming). The true Deviantards exist in a world which is removed from the ordinary pressures of real life. Deviantards are now first generation, so when their artistic ideas crumble and they are left as empty tards, we await to see what will become of the Deviantard.
Just posted a black and white photo of a rainbow, entitled 'untitled'. I'm such a Deviantard
by godfreythethird December 29, 2009
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Tom feels that he has to like, totally express his artistic flair on the internet because the man is keeping him down. Tom is a deviantard.
by Phil00113 October 27, 2006
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