The unusual feeling of love between half black/white trash, and a blonde ho. Usually occurs in towns populated by inbred hillbillies.
Dude, Issiah and Randa are so detto. I heard he gave her a twig for her romantic.
by jakrel April 21, 2005
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when trash and a someone cool, have feelings for another. quite the awkward concept, if i say so myself.
Tom and Linda, totally detto. You hear me y'all?
by you April 22, 2005
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see detention.
DETTO is what you get disobey school policy, class rules, are black at MHS, or have a dyke teacher.
NIck and JUstin are hardcore dancing.

Mr. Boyle: "HEY. hey you kids. You know that's a detto."

JUstin: "Jackass."

NIck flips it.
by j_BO May 22, 2006
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