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a cool unit in Red Alert 2 that shoots a radiation cannon and can radiate the ground by pointing his gun at the ground and shooting
Desolators kickass!
by PlayDohMan May 08, 2004
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An advanced item in DotA (Defence of the Ancients), a Warcraft III game custom map.
To obtain it, you have to own 2 Mithrill Hammers and then get a desolator recipe from the level 3 recipe shop.
Desolator gives you +50 additional damage and an orb effect which causes armor decrease in enemies that you hit. It also changes projectile art of your attack.

Note: exactness of the information (e.g. damage) can depend on the version of the map
Player1: what item r u gonna build now?
Player2: hmmm.... i think i'll make a desolator..
by November 15, 2006
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