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A legal term literally meaning, "stop what(ever) your doing and don't do it again." Hence, "cease" meaning to "stop," and "desist" meaning to "not do again in the future."

Usually used by a person or party against another person or party when they are doing something that they find: offensive, strange, violating, embarrassing, shady, etc.
cease and desist cease & desist back off stop cease desist legal
by xthomasbhx November 18, 2015
keep quiet about something.

to know something and deliberately not say, mention or bring up.
*omit drug deal example*

dealer: ok g i got that good stuff you wanted
buyer: the 2 g's of h
dealer: yea
* buyer gives money and dealer counts and hands over good stuff*
buyer: thanks
dealer: just call me up if you need anything g
buyer: ok
dealer: alright now
* dealer walks away knowing he put a hit out on buyer for $1000*
by xthomasbhx June 18, 2022