The true definition of a champion. In his early days he was an all star quarterback that would have shattered all records if his teammates didnt suck so bad. he threw the ball like he was having a seizure with a red pigeon glued to his head that almost looked like a red mohawk and symbolized the top of a spartans helmet because "this is sparta". hios senior year he was homecoming king but he didnt even go to homecoming becasue he was preparing for the next game so that maybe his team could win for once.
Today though he has a bald douche and is a head coach of a football team. too bad his team doesnt care and they all suck. none of them go hard at all and deserve to be punished with 5 hour practices full pads everyday. its clear none of them want to win as bad as he does. hes a football player and dont forget it. he walks thorugh the hallway and doesnt move for anyone. hell run you over going full speed everywhere. if u dont go full speed youll get hurt which is a main cause for injuryies on his team along with putting water in the gas tank. tape? thats for broken bones. and if you have a bruised tailbone your just a pussy and arent as tough as him.
However, Hes sitll looking for his protege to be just like him and be the toughest baddest football player on earth.
Too bad hes still not in his glory days going 0-10 in his hay day at the helm.
"You guys suck, I make all the cals and you guys just do what you want." - Derosa
by firecrotchet29 October 15, 2008
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The baddest bitch. Some one you would marry on the soot
Aye bro there goes a derosa right there.
by Jwilli January 6, 2021
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Presenting yourself with a subtle attitude of righteous arrogance; Carrying yourself in a way that presents a regal air to your being; Recognized, loved, feared and hated upon by others to some extent.
Bush entered meeting very DeRosa-like, and the audience thinking what they may, adjusted their posture and attitude accordingly in reaction to the DeRosa-like presence before them.
by Indeed101 May 18, 2006
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