Kind of like darn, only said in situations that aren't as serious as situations that merit the use of darn.
Dern! I accidentally dropped my bologna sandwich in the dishwater.
by Arthur Wellington October 20, 2007
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A word used to describe male genitalia of any length and gerth.
She can get the Dern all night long.
by The Dern Lord February 13, 2012
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A harsher method of referring to someone (or something) that frequently exhibits characteristics commonly seen as extremely "drenny," also referred to as "extremely nerdy" or any extreme adjectives of a similar nature. Dren is commonly used as a less abrasive variation.

Note: Dern came into use by means of a misspelling of the original phrase, "dern." Since then it has become a harsher word and should be used only when circumstances do in fact warrant it.
"The name's Bond. Covalent Bond."
"You are such a dern!"
by Franny D February 27, 2009
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