My dude them cool gray air jordan 11's that come out around the holidays is butta
by tre fo boi February 9, 2010
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1. slang for butter
2. a butt
like butta
by slaurenany July 15, 2017
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Used to describe nearly or if not completely pure cocaine from Columbia. Given the name because of its yellow look.
We sat at the back table and shaved thin slices of butta to line our nose.
by Chickensorts June 20, 2006
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1. A combination of two words: but+her=butta

2. good
ie) everything is cute butta face
ie.) its butta baby.
by YellowNellyBean May 15, 2011
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another word used for baby, boo, or wifey / hubby
He call me bae and i call him butta
by Re'mona July 5, 2007
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Tastes good on toast. However it is a lapse in thought during conversation
I like bread and butta. Or, Me and Tim were doing something, and butta, it was all cool. Ya know?
by aaronbelleveau October 9, 2008
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