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A sucky blood cancer that is either comes in A.L.L, A.M.L, C.L.L., or C.M.L.
Leukemia sucks
by magicalchipmunk May 19, 2014
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a malignant progressive disease in which the bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal leucocytes. These suppress the production of normal blood cells, leading to anaemia and other symptoms.
Vanoss: Kitty0706 just died from leukemia!
Delirious: NOOOOOO SAFJASIASFgu9weaf R.I.P you poor bastard
by PS34Lyfe May 27, 2015
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The worst fucking thing ever in the world
Something that take people from your family and that everyone HATES!!!!
We hate you leukemia can you please piss off and stop terrorising us!!
Jerry: argh my dad was just diagnosed with leukemia. This sucks
Bob: yeah I know I wish it would piss off and stop being so annoying and killing people
by beachbabe245 June 13, 2014
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