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Demery was an ancient myth,known for his womanizing capabities as well as possessing the body only comparable to a greek god.
Demery was the man,thats basically all there is to say about the man.
by illluminati October 17, 2004
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A really nice and attractive girl. Normally popular and a cheerleader. She has alot of inside jokes with her friends, and alot of friends. She only has a few really good friends. She gets good grades and is very approachable and friendly towards everyone.. Unless you mess with one of her friends, or anyone she cares about... Then you will be sorry.
Boy 1: Did you hear about the new girl, Demery?
Boy 2: Yeah I heard she's hot
Boy 1: There she is
Boy 2: I'd tap that
Boy 1: Who wouldn't?
by Miss.PinkChick13 September 04, 2011
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My muthaphuckin baby brotha!!!!!!
#1:Damn girl, yo brotha Demery is foine as hell. Hook a sistah up.
Me: Heeeeeeell Naw Bitch!
by Joe Mama January 21, 2005
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