The modern euphemism for "macking" or "hitting on someone." Best used in a situation where a 3rd person party is explicitly and obnoxiously saying "holla holla" in front of the two people.
Jessie Wen and Zack Proman tell each other to "SMIV" and "SMID", respectively. While Jessie claims this to be FALSE, we nevertheless don't believe her. When she asks for Proman's AIM, we say, "HOLLA HOLLA!"
by Hsu January 20, 2008
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Easily the most annoying phase on the planet espesially when said by 12 year old white kids that are pretending to be black.
Dumb white guy: Holla Holla get Dolla.
Me: FUCK OFF YOU PRICK!! YOUR NOT BLACK. ((i them procced to shoot and or knife him))
by LGFCrequiem February 12, 2009
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a phrase i keep saying not knowing it's definition up until a few seconds ago
"holla holla get dollar. hahaha."
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