Originates from greek mythology the titan Delongulous who had an extrenely large rooster or penis. Has a large dick.
Damn that man is a a Delong for sure!

He has Delongest dick in the land.
by WildCockSlayer June 20, 2014
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Delonge is a word used to define a man who loves to play with his own weiner, a person who just loves to choke the chicken and spread semen.
-Hey, man, what's wrong with Sam?
-I dunno, that Delonge is enjoying it though!
by SaneInsane April 23, 2009
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the opposite of elongate - quite simple really
the worm elongates and delongates as it moves
by m3lody12 March 7, 2019
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Being terminated from your job at the whim of some stupid executive, despite years of loyalty and great performance.
Did you hear about Kathy, John and Alan? They all got DeLonged yesterday!
by Swiss Cheese74 February 20, 2009
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Tom Delonge (Thomas Delonge) is a talented music artist who is in a punk rock band called Blink-182. He is also known for being in other bands such as Angels & Airwaves and Car Box Racer. Famous songs by Blink-182 are ones such as What's My Age Again and All The Small Things.

He is one of the funniest and coolest people on this planet and is so down to earth it is unbelievable.

Tom, like many people, is my idol. I love him and I support him with anything that he does.

He is obviously one of the sexist men on this planet as well, and I would turn gay for him as he is just so amazing! And I'm not gay what so ever. Tom is the only man for me. End of. Lol.
Friend: "Have you heard Blink-182's new song, Wishing well?!

Me: "Of course I have! It's an awsome song! Mainly because Tom Delonge (Thomas Delonge) is singing in it and he has a sexy voice! :P"

Friend: "Your so gay!"

Me: "No. No I'm not. Not at all. Tom is the only guy for me so fuck you! :)"
by TomDelongeFan<3 April 30, 2012
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Guitarist/Lead Singer for Blink-182. Really Cool Guy, I had The Honor of Meeting him, and Playing Guitar With him, People say He's Matured, but only in music, He's Still the Perverted guy from his 20's. His voice has changed , but in 2012 it's slowly going to back to before.
He Plays along side Mark Hoppus (Bassist/Lead singer) and Travis Barker(Drummer)

If you've never listened to a song I suggest Rollercoaster or Hearts All Gone
Lyrics To I Miss You
Dont waste your time on me your already the Voice Inside my head.
How Tom DeLonge sings it
Donaste yo ime on me your alraady tha yoice iinside mah yead.
Yet he sounds Rad while Singing It/
by BENWAHHH August 18, 2012
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Tom DeLonge is the ex-singer of blink-182 and Box Car Race, he now fronts new band Angels and Airwaves (abbreviated to AVA).

He is eaily recognisable on record by his over-pronounced vowels. For instance, the line (from BCR's song 'Letters to God')
"I won't lie, I won't sin"
when sung by Tom becomes:
"OOiiiii won't looooiiii, Ooooiiii won't sseeeeaann".

He is a genius, though, and very quick to point out that he's probably the worst guitar player in the world.

He used to be hilarious and jokey, although since blink split up he has apparently had "an epiphany" and now has got a lot more serious in his bid to take over the world with AVA.

His nuts apparently taste better with fudge, and he claims to have the best looking ass in the world.
Crazy fan girl: OMMMGZZZ lyk Tom DeLonge is lyk SOOOOO hottttt


Mark: Hey Tom, tell everybody what they do in the Phillipenes

Tom: We heard that in the Phillipenes, when a baby is crying, they suck on it's penis to make it be quiet. It works with me too: if I cry, suck me off and I'll shut up"

Mark: OK, Tom - shut the fuck up!
by pie_guy May 25, 2006
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