5 definitions by Weird Gonzo

A word to use when you're bored, or just don't know what to say during an uncomfortable silence. A way to break up tension.
"A room full of nobody speaking and nobody know what to say*

*girl blurts out* "SHEEKABOBOP!"
by Weird Gonzo July 23, 2022
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You use this phrase when someone repeats a story over and over or if a person is just spouting bull shit. Instead of saying "You're full of it.", you can say (in a sarcastic tone) "Well....stop the world and let me off".

It's also an appropriate response to a big surprise.
"Did you hear the news? Sally is pregnant!"

"After all these years!? Well, stop the world and let me off!"
by Weird Gonzo July 23, 2022
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When a person goes to old, abandoned houses at night and finds antiques or other items and takes them home as av"souvenir ".
Look at this amazing antique record player my friend, Paul, found when he was out midnight shopping.
by Weird Gonzo May 13, 2022
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A deliberate Freakout is planned. When life gets to be too much, you plan to cut loose and get wild, most often with a friend. Those who choose to participate know that things could get out of hand.
My mom has been sick lately and I can't deal with so my friend, Ben and I are planning a deliberate freakout next weekend. It's gonna get wild!
by Weird Gonzo June 21, 2022
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When someone has had an exceptionally stressful time recently, and decide to really cut loose in a way they normally wouldn't, drinking, smoking marijuana, stirring up trouble; most often with a close friend.
I've had a really hard time since I lost my Mamaw,so my best friend, Ben and I are having a deliberate Freakout tonight. It's gonna be crazy! Last time we dodged a train!!
by Weird Gonzo May 28, 2022
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