The pairing between Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries.

Compare to Stelena
Delena because Damon has the funniest quotes ever and does the "sexy eye thing". He has pent up anger and Elena calms him down and brings out the best in him.
by TVDFAN4EVA September 09, 2010
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that ship that 83 percent of tvders ship because they know its endgame, and is otp. perfect chemistry because elena and damon are played by Nian, the broken up couple who people would sell their souls for if they came back together.
"delena is endgame bonnie!"
"no i ship stelena, caroline"
"so she just broke her neck falling down the stairs, caroline?"
"yep pretty much."
by lostderavin June 17, 2014
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A girl with a great passion for books,kind,and funny!she would make the entire world laugh if she wanted to!very weird at times,but is a fun person to be around!
Wow,Delena will never stop reading those books,will she?
Freind:hey Delena,how's life?
Delena:how's strife?!
Freind:Nooooo life!
Delena:I beg your pardon,I most certainly do have a life!
via giphy
by Delena D August 02, 2016
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a ship between damon and elena from the vampire diaries. 90% of shippers are under 12 y/o. you can't get into a shipwar with them without receiving death threats. julie plecs favourite fandom
omg i cant stand stan twit anymore, it's all delenas.
by hihihihhihi November 07, 2017
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The ship name for Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. Damon is actually a rapist @Caroline @Andie and he enjoys killing people for fun. Damon killed Elena’s brother, Jeremy, and he killed her friend, Tyler. Somehow they still fell in β€œlove”.
Delena was only endgame because Nina Dobrev left the show.
by stefansblake July 27, 2018
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