I know that you don't give a fuck about Delaware, and I can understand why. But here is what I have to say about your state:
Alabama- too Southern. Full of the KKK and white trash.
Alaska- beautiful. But I think that a thrill seeker might not like it.
Arizona- I'm sure that its very lovely, but I have no intention to go there.
Arkansas- see above.
California- you people make me laugh. Learn how to drive.
Colorado- very beautiful state, actually. very impressive.
Connecticut- eh.
Florida- Learn how to drive while you are getting your face fixed.
Georgia- Oh boy. How exciting. I always like to visit cities that were burned by the yankees.
Hawaii- It makes me somewhat uncomfortable to know that I can only fly or swim to the nearest land.
Idaho- one word= potato.
Illinois- one word= Packingtown.
Indiana- eh.
Iowa- eh.
Kansas- bring me a tornado, please.
Kentucky- eh.
Lousiana- considering that your main city was wiped out, there is nothing exciting about Lousiana.
Maine- eh.
Maryland- somewhat exciting.
Massachusetts- historic, but is there anything modern?
Michigan- eh.
Minnesota- eh.
Mississippi- what a stupid name, but i guess it fits.
Missouri- eh.
Montana- see Arizona.
Nebraska- population, like, 2?
Nevada- prostitutes and losers. how exciting, considering 85% of the land is owned by the government.
New Hampshire- eh. probably a lot of fun for people who like to ski.
New Jersey- wow. it's a lot of fun, but learn how to drive.
New Mexico- nothing to say, because all the funny men with black moustaches and tacos will get mad.
New York- its a lot of fun, but polluted. Learn how to drive.
North Carolina- eh.
North Dakota- see above.
Ohio- Rock n Roll, baby.
Oklahoma- see Kansas.
Oregon- I'm sure it's very nice.
Pennsylvania- I like it, it's very amazing. But Philadelphia creeps me out sometimes, and you need to learn how to drive.
Rhode Island- man, I didn't know that anything could be worse than Delaware.
South Carolina- see North Carolina.
South Dakota- see North Dakota.
Tennessee- I'll keep it in mind if I ever want to be a hillbilly.
Texas- Too Southern, and too big.
Utah- I know that Mormons don't practice polygamy, but its fun to joke about them.
Vermont- see New Hampshire.
Virginia- I love Virginia, it's very exciting.
Washington- volcano me, plz.
West Virginia- incest and coal mining rocks.
Wisconsin- population, like, 2?
Wyoming- population, like, 2?
Delaware is a great state and you should love it more.
by spasticpancreas April 02, 2008
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Top Definition
The most under estimated state in America.
Anywhere you want to go is within 3 hours away.
We know how to party in Delaware. And we have beaches.
by whena January 02, 2008
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1. (adj.) The shape a sandwich will inevitably become after taking 3-4 bites of it.
2. (n.) The second smallest (but first coolest) state of the US located between Philly and B-more.
3. (n.) A rare strain of highly potent Cannabis found growing along the Brandywine river.
4. (adj.) a quality prevalent among young females in the Newark area (esp. Main Street) synonymous with having bangingly nice buttocks.
1. My tomato and toothpaste double-decker sandwich is now knida Delaware.
2. Philly kid: Yo, you wanna drive down to Delaware and chill in front of da 7-11 wit' me?
3. "Every time man smoke Delaware, the walls of Babylon fall."
4. Damn, that cutie's booty is straight up Delaware!
by Jahchild June 02, 2004
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A Northeastern state that has only one major city (Wilmington) and its capital is Dover. Famous for no sales tax, Delaware comes alive during the Christmas season with people from neighboring New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland looking for deals on items. Its main shopping malls in the north of the state are Christiana Mall, Concord Mall, and the Tri-State Mall. Cost of living is high, since the state needs to make revenue somehow (no sales tax really hurts). It is connected to New Jersey by the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. Being near Philadelphia, Ocean City (MD), and Baltimore makes any nightlife in the state useless, as people will travel to those centers in search of entertainment. Even though it's the second smallest state in the Union, the northern half is extremely crowded. Despite its tiny area, it is a major link to the rest from the Northeast to the South, since I-95 runs though the northern half, and the New Jersey Turnpike ends at the foot of the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
I'm going to Delaware to buy some cheap clothes for Christmas.
by Eagles Fan In Tampa December 12, 2003
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Small state where every resident rolls their eyes when someone says "Dela-Where?" to try to be funny. Sometimes 'the Capital of Philadelphia', Dull-Aware and Hell-Aware, but still a decent state. Surrounded by Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Hickville South Jersey. Between the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay/ Atlantic Ocean, and dammit, we know seafood. It may bore us sometimes, but it's not as bad as going to college in Amishville PA in a town where the college students make up more than 3/4 the population during the school year...
I like my school in Amishville, PA, but sometimes I really long for my home stateof Delaware.
by Dang March 13, 2005
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Delaware, one of the most unknown places on the planet. Most people are misleaded into thinking that Delaware was a part of Pennsylvania in colonial times, when really, Pennsylvania was apart of Delaware. A lot of people would say that it might as well be apart of Pennsylvania, which I disagree with, because Delaware is a place of its own. Some may say it's boring in Delaware, when there are TONS of things to do. Harmless tax free shopping can be a fun thing to do on a Saturday night at Concord Mall, Christiana Mall, Rehoboth outlets, Rehoboth boardwalk, and way more places. Despite that there aren't any concert venues or amusement parks; we do have 1 Ferris wheel. Delaware could be its own country. In the North; it's filled with fast speaking and party-goers. The central; farmers. And the last part, Slower lower Delaware; Rehobeth boardwalk, which is a hot spot for gays and lesbians, beach, and kites.
Delaware isn't the typical hillbilly town it's thought to be.
by Lindsay May 19, 2005
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I just want to quote something from #2 and clarify it:

"Cost of living is high, since the state needs to make revenue somehow (no sales tax really hurts)."

You need to check your facts. Have you compared it to PA and NJ? I didn't think so. Insurance is chaper, property taxes are cheaper, and I can get somewhat of a nice house for $250,000. Try finding a house in the PA or Jersey that isn't a shack or a trailer for that.
You need to check your facts the next time to write something like you did about Delaware.
by You need a head check December 13, 2005
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Delaware, the 2nd smallest state, but the coolest, proves that the best thing come in small packages.
Audrina Patrige- "Hey, LC, where are you going for spring break?"

Lauren Conrad- "DELAWARE! DUH"
by Delaware Owns you April 19, 2009
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