A private all-boys school in Dallas, Texas that is exclusively for gentlemen with epic swagger. The ladies lust for the dapper physique of the Marksmen who attend. To get into St. Marks, one must have a 8+ inch penis, which is checked exclusively by the headmaster.
Jeff: Bruh, do you go to St. Marks?
*Daquan shows his penis*
Daquan: You’se is damn straight!
by SpeedyFister21 October 21, 2018
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A school that people love to hate on because they aren't smart enough to get in. People call the students gay because it is an all boys school.
HP, ESD, Greenhill Student: Saynte mahrks is so baddd omg omg omg
Other folk: Maybe if you had even half of the intelligence as the students at St. Marks, I could understand you.
by BetterthanyoucauseigotoSM December 19, 2011
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A ridiculously over-gayed all boys private school in Dallas, TX. All of the boys who attend love to bash the Greenhill students, but only because these persons are obvisouly superior to the ALL BOYS attendees of St. Marks.
"Hey, this totaly jerk flipped me off while I was driving today!"
"He was probably from St. Marks"
by Joe Mallick January 12, 2009
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An extremely expensive all-boys private school in Dallas, Texas. Attended primarily by the homosexual or chronically depressed. The students are sent there by there parents so that their sons may enjoy the company of other rich, gay, stupid boys. This way the students may not only meet up with others of their sexual orientation, but also so that they might be in the company of like-minded, or at least similarly stupid individuals.
Person 1: Where do you go to school, little boy?
Person 2: PENIS!
Person 1: I guess that means St. Mark's.
by Let's Go SM! January 26, 2014
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A NYC street. Known for 1 dollar pizza slices, zippo lighters, paraphernalia shops, tattoos, piercings, fake ID's... basically where private school kids can get almost anything illegal or cheap accessories or both.
yo man, let's go down to st. mark's place... i need a new bowl cause we had to smash mine in the gutter on saturday. plus i want a fedora and some knockoff ray ban's.
by Ronaldo McDonaldstein November 19, 2009
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A good place to buy weed materials and a good place to go to hang out and check out the little stores. It's also convenient place for "under age" shoppers becuase the police don't show very often. Also a GREAT place to find cheap Asain hookers. It used to be more of an underground place to go to buy illegal stuff but now it's more of a tourist attraction.
Yo lets roll through St. Mark's Place I need to cop some rolling papers.
by The Janator October 18, 2010
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St. Mark's School is an elite American boarding school located in Southborough, MA. The school is home to around 330 boarding and day students from around the world. The acceptance rate for the 2008 academic year was 27%. The school is part of the term, "St. Grotlessex" wich refers to the elite boarding schools of Groton, St. Paul's, Middlesex, St. Georges, and of course, St. Mark's. St. Mark's shares a traditional rivalry with the Groton School which has lasted for over 100 years. As an elite american prep, St. Mark's sends it's students to many of the most prestigious colleges in the United States, such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Williams, MIT, and many others.
St. Mark's School, Groton School, Middlesex School
by lion924 July 18, 2008
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