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A youroba language meaning for
Your joy will come twice
I got two cakes because of my deji.
by Yt:GameIsFame123 January 06, 2017
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Often seen sporting a smafro, with a tendancy to be extremely clever and funny, whilst somehow not having a fucking clue what is going on. Used to describe the running of a ball out of bounds on a pitch. (Can also be used to refer to an astounding piece of flukey luck in online football competitions)
1. "Where's he going with that fecking ball?"
*sigh* "He's doing a deji" :(

2. "How the fuck did you get 200pts clear after zero weeks despite picking a player who no longer plays for that club (RONALDORONALDORONALDO)
"He did a deji"
by NineteenEightyFour January 25, 2005
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