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1. To act, think or behave without regard to anyone other than yourself and your interests. Beyond the normal selfish behavior includes lying and distorting even the most apparent facts to get your way.
2. To use the fact that you converted to the Jewish religion to get preferential treatment or to get your way by accusing others of descrimination.
1. He wanted the team lead position so badly that he degrooted me by planting a ficticious e-mail in my personell file.
2. When managers decided that I was the best candidate for the job he wanted, he pulled a degroot saying that I had been a nazi in a previous life and that by promoting me they were descriminating against his Jewish heritage.
by Stan West October 23, 2005
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1. A lactose intolerant multicultural person. He looks asian, even though he is italian, but wishes that he was hispanic. This can be seen through the love of dancing to reggaton, riding bikes, and paving driveways.
2. Someone having a strange obsession with "arroz con pollo"
3. a name for the speech disorder concerning mumbling and speaking too quietly
"Oh that degroot is so dreamy"
by suzieq November 30, 2005
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