An adjective to describe to undescribable. It usually means something extreme. It works for anything but does not always work in some situations, it's all in how you say it. Degas can be used in awkward situtions by itself to ease the tension. Degas can be used to describe something metaphorical, abstract, or untouchable.

1. Look at the sky Helen, that degas twister just took out that house!
2. Jackie, that phone conversation was super Degas, I could hear you yelling from all the way down the hall.
3. Abby's man was so heartless that she had to pry his heart open with a Degas knife.

by Helenfromhoyttt October 5, 2007
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"They're racing at dega next week"
by Nikita May 12, 2004
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get out la con de ptou t mor les TPJ A!
a*zkez? kn DEGA! zsa! :))))):) ahabhaj tah !
by mathias777 February 13, 2020
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A word to describe something very risky, suggestive or strange. The word Degas originates from the artist Edgar Degas who was one of the main artists from the Impressionist movement during the 1800's. Degas was famous for painting naked ladies - not nudes as such, as a nude is a naked woman in a pose, but a naked woman in her pure essence - a woman caught in pure honesty. He was also famous for painting risky subjects, namely prostitutes and brothel scenes. He schemed against Claude Monet and is inspired by Edouard Manet. Although he was a very strange character indeed, Degas was a very influential artist in the Impressionist movement.
"After the bath:woman drying her feet", 1886. Paul Degas.

"You're looking a bit Degas today, Clive."
by orenjii March 9, 2008
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The act of removing gas from a place or object.
Oh wow, that chili I had for lunch had me degasing all over the office.
by eltiburonz February 19, 2015
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An exellent game, played by only true champions. Is actually a ploy to make people feel uncomfortable. One achieves this through getting a large group to talk about Degas then ask a nearby person about how cool the game is. If they say yes ask them to explain it and watch as they become immediately uncomfortable.
(Also the name of a famous artist, to distinguish the difference pronounce the game"Dee-giss"
Person 1 to group- Dude i loved playing Degas last night it was so much fun
Group- Yeah it was awesome
Person 2-(to Person 3) dont you love Degas?
Person 3- hell yeah
Person 1- oh yeah then explain it
Person 3- umm...well...ughhh
Group *proceeds to laugh hystericlaly at Person 3
by shaqismylover July 26, 2010
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