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Defunkitated <D-Funk-Eh-Tate-Ed>

Defunkitated is a word meaning something that is generally strange, wierd, messed up, or different in an odd way. It sort of a strange mixture of odd, wierd, and messed up.
Defunkitated was brought about some time late in 2002. It is believed to have been first coined by a guy named Zechariah of Jupiter Farms Florida. The story says that Zechariah was talking to his brothers Norman and Jeremiah when he used it for the first time. The brothers asked Zechariah what it meant, but he could not tell them. Later on he used it in many sentences such as, "You know, like... That chick is so defunkitated!" or "Man, I have been working so long that my brain has become a defunkitated mess."

Claims say that Zechariah started to use the word online over games such as Diablo 2 and Starcraft, and at parties with his friends.

It is believed that the word became so widely used because of the influence that Florida has on underground music, new up and coming artists, and the movie industry. Not to mention the wide use of the word over the internet. Eventually the word became popular in the underground scene and that led to it being coined an Urban Word.

Defunkitated also has many run offs that were later created. These include, but are not limited to (In no specific order):

Defunked <D-Funk-D>
"Bro, that stuff has been defunked."

Defunkified <D-Funk-If-Eyed>
"Well, isn't this just a defunkified situation to be getting myself into."

Defunk <D-Funk>
"Stay back, I wouldn't want to catch the defunk that you are spreading."

Defunkitation <D-Funk-Eh-Tay-Shun>
"This article is full of defunkitation."

Defunkitardation <D-Funk-Eh-Tard-A-Shun>
"If the defunkitardation of that man doesn't kill us all it will at least make us stupid."

Defunking <D-Funk-Ing>
"Dude, the defunking nature of that kid makes me feel bad for him."

Defunkable <D-Funk-Ah-Bull>
"My car is un-defunkable."

Defunker <D-Funk-Err>
"That guy is a defunker, he ruins everything."
by James - J-Town November 14, 2006
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Messed up, jacked up, wrong in every way shape and format
Dude that afro is defunkitated! You need to pick that (beep) out!, Yo!
by Lanea nd Free January 24, 2007
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