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Jupiter Farms is this random redneck town just north of West Palm Beach, FL. Anyone young adult who's been to West Palm Beach already realizes there is nothing but Blue Hairs and gang violence in the shittiest projects on the east coast. But, at least the scenery is somewhat appealing. If you think WPB is boring and sucky, then you haven't been to Jupiter. With the exception of I-95 and three or four main roads, the streets are mostly made of dirt and are lined with farms that consist of one or two horses and dying forestry. It smells like ass and the water supply is so contaminated that you feel dirtier after taking a shower. Lastly, the people there are possibly the dumbest in the country. One guy I met couldn't even tell me his actual job title, but said he likes to build things. Another man I met owned a crappy kayak-rental shop (it was a trailer) and said to me I could be eaten by an alligator at anytime while on the stream. Jupiter is just a shitty town, period. No one would miss it, or the people in it, if it were wiped off the map. Only live there if your inability to afford dental insurance helps you fit in with the rest of the crowd.
Well Jupiter Farms sucks.
by Mr. Unoriginal November 18, 2008
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