Define Blue Text means, what is Blue Text. But being serious, can someone explain how to use it?
by beewhoyouareforyourprideee September 03, 2021
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Defined-contribution (DC) retirement plans allow employees to invest pre-tax dollars in the capital markets where they can grow tax-deferred until retirement.

Simpler Explained: A defined contribution plan is a common workplace retirement plan in which an employee contributes money and the employer typically makes a matching contribution

Essentially, they are retirement plans that companies may offer as a benefit in which you, your employer or both make contributions on a regular basis.
The most common examples of defined-contribution plans are the 401(k) and the 403(b).
by tufs October 06, 2021
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1. A phrase one would use if one had an online urban dictionary with a book soon to come.

2. A phrase one would use if one were gay
Bill: Bob, I want you to give it to me in the butt

Bob: Baby, I'm gunna define your style.
by Monkeygrease August 04, 2005
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Defying all rules of uncountable infinity.


Definitely. Stating something is definite.
(1): "John stop counting to 5 without including every single decimal."
(2): "I definity passed that test."
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A person who looks up every dirty name and defines it if there is no definition, or it’s a horrible name definition in his/her opinion
Dude how much of a dirty definer can you get?

I’m a dirty definer on my free time because I know what kink each girl name has

She has Nothing better to do then be a dirty definer in urban dictionary
by Onlyme4you May 02, 2020
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