The act of throwing somebody out a window

related forms:

To defenestrate- the verb
defenestrated-past tense
defenstrator-noun- one who commits the act of defenestration


The latin DE as in to remove + FENESTRA as in window = to remove from a window (throw out a window)
I would defenestrate my brother, but we live on the 5th floor and he would most likely die.

Defenestration is attempted murder.
by ID Tech Camps August 13, 2009
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The act of throwing someone out of a window
Guy 1: Dude my girl friend is being a huge bitch.
Guy 2: You could always commit some defenestration on her bitchy ass.
Guy 1: Good point
Later that day in hosptial
Doctor: you girlfriend has 18 broken vertebrea, she is lucky to be alive
*Guy 1 Defenestrates doctor to solve that problem*
by Sgt. SkullFucker May 26, 2015
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To throw someone or something out of a window
"I will defenestrate you and your mouth organ if you carry on" said tom
by Mrtys May 26, 2006
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To uninstall Windows from one's computer and install a functional OS such as Linux.

(The original, classical definition of this term is "to throw something through a window". )
"I'm so sick of my laptop running so slowly, I'm going to defenestrate it and install Ubuntu!"
by Hugh Mannity October 27, 2009
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A word that shouldn’t really exist, like why can’t you just say, I threw it out of the window. It is very simple
Jeremy: I am going to defenestrate the cat
Harrell: Jeremy, I don’t care what you do, just don’t hurt it
Jeremy: I just defenestrated the cat
Jeremy: lol
by I_ate_the_children November 18, 2018
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The act of throwing out Microsoft Windows and running Apple OS X/iOS or Android/Linux.
My defenestration was complete when I replaced my Dell with an iMac and synced my iPad and iPhone with it.
by Nocus June 13, 2012
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