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Someone in the minecraft speedrunning community who believes that the use of calculators during runs should be banned.
Jonathan: Did you hear that Sam uses calculators in his runs now? What a shame.

Davy: Don’t be a calc denier, let him do what he wants.
by BobbyRenzobbi June 6, 2022
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Basically the r word but without being hurtful to the mentally disabled community.
Bad Benny: bro did you see that kid he like dropped his potatoes hes so retar-
Good Glenn: hey benny, make sure you are respectful of those with anxiety, depression, ocd, adhd, add, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, MPD, and a generally low iq!
Benny: Alright, that kid is retarnished!
Glenn: Good job! that is respectful to those with mental illnesses!

(this definition is approved by a mentally ill person dont worry besties <3)
by BobbyRenzobbi September 3, 2022
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ken: wow that crayfish is attractive.
ben: he lowkey a crilf
ken: I was joking what the fuck
by BobbyRenzobbi September 3, 2022
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Davy: Joe called me a little baby

Michael: then commit defenestration and throw that mf out the classroom window

Davy: ok
by BobbyRenzobbi June 8, 2022
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A card control move used in sleight of hand tricks where a card is placed into the deck, two groups of cards from the bottom are cut to the top, and the card that was originally placed ends up at the top of the deck.
Magician: now place your card into the deck, and now I will cut it a few times...
Joseph: I saw you obtain a pinky break, was that a double undercut?
Magician: ah, you got me!
by BobbyRenzobbi September 3, 2022
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