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deep+ eery= deeri

a particularly deep, and scary vagina- a pussy that looks to be a daunting task. usually owned by a particularly old and haggard female who has had her fair share of cock over the years. a deeri is a vagina that is almost cave-like in appearance and can often contain small insect or (depending on the size of the vagina) mammalian inhabitants. a deeri or do-re-mi (as is the plural) are saggy creatures that are known to discharge nose-demolishing stenches of the foulest kind. it is widely accepted by experts that do-re-mi are often protected by a thick layer of pubic forest which, frankly, only adds to their infamous creepy nature and revolting odour.
'you dawg, that some wack ass deeeri that girl got on show, she oughta sort that shit owt!'
"man! that deeri smels like grandma!"
"shit! that deeri is grandma!"
"wtf! girl, my cock won't wanna see pussy again after that deeri!"
"dear lord, help! i'm surrounded by do-re-mi!"
"i wandered lonely as a deeri"
"ain't nothing finer than a stinky, saggy, swangin' deeeri. hmmm-mmm"
by the professor of women April 20, 2009
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