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Bullshit or trash. bourbon county high made this word up
That kid mark looks deery as fuck bruh with those brown shoes I heard he got so drunk he went gay for a minute
by Bourbontown May 14, 2016
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A hypocritical, extremely lazy and sometimes dangerously stupid teacher who you can't stand.

To abruptly stop a deery teacher while they are talking to the class (or group) to voice out on how bad that teacher is.
Noun; "That teacher is such a deery."
Verb; "OMG that teacher is so annoying i just want to DEERY her while she speaks because she is so hypocritical"
by Pioneering June 27, 2014
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Defining how cringe someone or something is. Bourbon County High School is the piece of shit home of the word β€œDeery”.
Hey bro, she had sex with B Murph, that is DEERY DUDE!!
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