"Dude, you want a deer?"
"I swear officer, I havnt drunk a single deer"
The Pope - "Nope, I havnt drunk a deer in my life. Nor had decks."
by Sophie Almad July 29, 2008
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A very plastic busty female in heels so high that she totters, almost falling over. Commonly also has bleach blond hair and lipo waist. South Beach, man.
Look! Two deer in bikinis are coming this way!
by wapiti April 14, 2004
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Deer is a game type within Counter-Strike Source.

This must be played on a server where someone has full admin. The autobalance must be set to 0. Everyone except for the "Deer" Is on T, while the Deer is on CT.

The Deer is then giving 8000+ Health(Depending on the number of T's) , but can only use a knife. The T's can only use Snipers and Shotguns, not assault rifles.

Depending on the size of the map, the ratio of Terrorists to Deer should be 5:1. For every five people add 1 more deer. Best played with eerie music and with lots of people. The most common maps for this game type is Cs_Assault_2005new or aim_ag_texture_ultrafun. Invented by the *รœnhi clan in 2005
by Paddy O'Mally July 19, 2008
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An animal skin that is used to wrap a man's penis before sexual intercourse.

Condom, Rubber, Wrapper, Jimmy Protector

A rubber, prophylactic: when rolled onto and down to the shaft of a man's erect cock and then inserted into a woman's pussy, for use in sexual intercourse, it can 98% of the time prevent pregnancy and most sexually transmitted disease.

The Deer is used to collect a man's ejaculate - post coitally. It is advised to remove the Deer before the penis becomes flaccid and slips off accidentally - thereby negating the purpose of the Deer. Nobody likes a spill.

Men may also use the deer for anal or oral intercourse - mainly to prevent the spread of STD's.
Mr. Brady: Marsha, I can't screw you without a deer on this monster of a hard on - could you pass me one from the night-side table please?

Marsha: Yeah, I don't want to get knocked up either. Do you want me to roll the deer on you myself?

Mr. Brady: Would you? See if you can use your lips and tongue to do so - Shit! I wish we could ride bareback! Your mother would be trippin hard if this wrapper popped and knocked your shit up!
by L's and eights July 04, 2009
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The only animal in Command and Conquer game. It moves like a deer (or dancing deer), really sucks and it is the most OP commando among all 3 factions. Can take any structures or enemy units. Although it looks like an animal, it can be "REPAIRED" in the war factory :P
Omg this deer really sucks, 2 sniper squads didn't kill this op motherfucker, ay my goooosh
by [deer] Sucks February 01, 2008
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An animal that emily and Abby (a.k.a. abigail and gale)..they like to eat pumpkins and get hit by cars....by emily
That deer who is loved by Abby and Emily just got hit by a car while eating pumpkins
by abby June 24, 2004
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