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a dee dah is a person from Sheffield, S Yorkshire, or a supporter of any of the cities football teams
seen them wednesday bastards, they say Dee Dah and Dat instead of thee thaa and that, stoopid bloody dee dah's
by mr smith March 06, 2005
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An inhabitant of Sheffield - as defined by the unfortunates who live in surrounding towns.

Origin: Sheffield pronunciation of second person singular (thee and tha - dee and dah).
Also a Sheffield art movement as propogated by Carlos Barcode (Deedahism).
"They're all fookin deedahs."
by Boris Fooshamble August 22, 2009
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an expression of retardedness. its also a lack of knowing an answer. a dee dah is also a person that is just flatout stupid in a funny way
Tim: yo whats this answer yo??
Maeeert: DEE DAH!

Tom: yo you see that girl oveer there?
Chris: dude shes a bumbling dee dah!
by jfrbdhjsmfd November 21, 2011
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