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A Tokyo stree style often mistaken for fRuIts that is identifiable through the use of toys as acessories to create an aura of playfulness and childhood. The toys are often very colorful, blink, make noises, and are closely related to youung children. Unlike fRuIts, decoras wear mostly simple clothes and endeavor to appear as kawaii as possible by decorating themselves excessively with accessories used with clothing that is bright, fuzzy, and innocent. Shoes are often oversized and shirts are almost always too tight. Females try to look as young as possible by wearing babydoll dresses, Mary Jane shoes, bows, ribbons, and colorful stockings. Their hair is usually dyed pink, blonde, or auburn and worn in pigtails or curled excessively. They are very similar to the gothic lolita style of fashion save for the goth. Males mimic anime characters, for they attempt to look like cartoon characters. Males wear small shirts with Engrish logos, sailor shirts, pajama bottoms, large pants, Mary Jane shoes, and have their hair more colorful than females but less styled, as their hair is usually combed to the side or minimally spiked. Popular items that decoras use to decorate themselves with include: Hello Kitty merchandise, Pokemon merchandise, Powerpuff Girl merchandise, pacifiers, excessive jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, big plastic rings, an abundance of keychains, stuffed animals of various sorts, and obscure toyss. Popular items with female decoras are dolls and flowers. Popular items with male decoras are inflatable guitars and neon plastic waterguns. Decoras seldom wear makeup, although mascara is not uncommon. Instead, they use cute stickers or use face paints to paint flowers and smiley faces on their cheeks, oftentimes adorned with glitter. Decoras are not unlike a kandee kid and only differ in that they dress to look as cute as possible as opposed to dressing for a subculture. The origins of this style is unknown and ranges in popularity in Japan greatly. Most assume it was spawned as a result of the "virtual pet" craze, subsided for a few years, and is now gaining popularity once again.

Other Related Fashions: kandee kid, fRuIts, cosplay, and gothic lolita.
Tourist #1: Whoa! Are we in Harajuku or Seasame Street?!

Tourist #2: This is the decoras playground.

Tourist #1: Oh... Weird.
by harajuku kid January 18, 2005
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A chill, laid back, nonchalant girl. She is a very peaceful person and very timid. When someone gets on her nerves, she will pop off and defend herself. She is very family and friend oriented, she will do anything to protect them. She is very artistic and tomboyish. She is very antisocial and loves to learn.
Girl: OMG DeCora is so quiet!
DeCora: Guys let's talk this out!
DeCora: Get OUT of my face!
by QxeenNae April 11, 2018
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Decorers are part of the numerous Styles that can be seen in Harajuku streets and in the past few years this fashion has reached the entire globe.

The beginning of this particular fashion it's i the 90's with the japanese singer Tomoe Shinohara, her clother were very bright and full of cuteness so her fans start copying her, they're named shironer.

With the pass of time shironers start adding more stuff to their clothes in order to be more unique, and slowly the word start to mutate to waht we know today. DECORER
Decoras use a lot of childish accessories
by Miss Shironer February 24, 2008
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