1. The act of dying; termination of life.
2. The state of being dead.
3. The cause of dying: Drugs were the death of him.
4. A manner of dying: a heroine's death.
5. often Death A personification of the destroyer of life, usually represented as a skeleton holding a scythe.
6. a. Bloodshed; murder.
b. Execution.
7. Law. Civil death.
8. The termination or extinction of something: the death of imperialism.
The end of life; the permanent cessation of vital bodily functions, as manifested in humans by the loss of heartbeat, the absence of spontaneous breathing, and brain death.
by Keith Godat February 05, 2006
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Grim Reaper: "Hello, im Grim Reaper, pleased to meet you.
*Holds hand out to shake hands*
Person: *Drops dead*
Grim Reaper: Ive got to stop doing that.
by Anadonia October 20, 2003
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Something you must not fear, ever it comes to us all.
I do not fear death, I will be here waiting for it when it is my time to go
by Glycerine13433 February 22, 2008
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a possible side effect from doing many things
such as: stepping in front of on coming traffic, drinking too much, thinking that signs that say "hazard" "dangerous" "poisonous" are just bluffs and running with scissor outside while flying a kite at night near a power plant
by Chili-D July 16, 2003
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