• a shitty fucking blueface song

• to swear on ur dead friend
• means no lie

• synonym : “on my momma”
by onmymommaonmymomma March 5, 2019
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Putting something on your dead homboyz/girlz .
Brook looking fine as Fuckkk onna deadlocs !!!
by im THAT bitch brook October 27, 2018
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Better word to no cap meaning but seriously or dead ass
Bro did you see Sarah's booty pic?

hell no send me that shit onna deadlocers i got 20/20 vision
by URGANGSMOKE February 23, 2019
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greated by the greatest of our century Blueface himself this phrase means to swear on the deadlocs (dead bodies)
by jewslayer42069 March 11, 2019
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