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dde is short for dude...
Tom 21 says: Hey dde, how are things?
Jordan Pe says: Doing just great...You dde?
by Endrup January 16, 2008
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Means doo-doo excited.. It's the feeling people get when they're on the way to meet their cocaine dealer or after cocaine is dropped off and have to immediately take a dump. Can apply to other drugs too but happens most among cocaine users
Drug user 1. Dude said he'd be here in 5 minutes with that blow

Drug user 2 . I'm so DDE I can barely hold my mud

*3 seconds later while headed to bathroom
Drug user 2 . Move man I gotta shit
by brandNV August 26, 2017
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An extremely short annoying person who makes loads of smartass and annoying remarks. Hates Bill Gates and is paranoid that a giant army of computers will rise up and take over the world. Known Associates: Black Thunder
Hey look a giant anti-computer gun. That must be the doing of the infamous DDE
by Black October 20, 2004
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