when someone who you are close too starts acting different and doesn't speak to you like they used to or greet you anymore
yo you're dayroom now
by tinie826 October 19, 2019
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When a person says something ack or lame or out of topic in a coversation
John you mad dayroom!!!!
by kikikikkikiki April 30, 2019
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A slang term which new yorkers use to describe someone that acts bipolar, or swicthes up how they act often
Jerome: Yo JD you know jacy
JD: Oh that dayroom niqqa
Jerome: Yooo you deadass? He one of those dayroom niqqas
JD: Yeah for real, he be fine one minute next thing you know he cursin someone out for buyin a bacon egg n´ cheese
Jerome: Oh na I can´t fuck wit him
by Yesirrrrr October 8, 2020
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if someone being Hollywood they say dayroom if someone used to text you ode and they stopped texting back they dayroom
alyssa: jennifer wild dayroom
bdot: wrdd she don’t text no one no more she wild hollywood
by chrissy__ January 24, 2022
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someone who is lame or who don’t respond any messages
bro, kiara is such a dayroom.
by slurp🥴.! February 19, 2020
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