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That one girl in the group who is the most chill, raddest, and best person to hang out with. The one stays relevant.
Person !; Dude, dayanara is the coolest person in our friend group, she helps us stay relevant.

Person 2: I know were so lucky to have her as a friend/
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by urbanaaaahhhh January 06, 2018
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Dayanara is a tall, smart girl she gets all the boys. She will stand up for her friends no matter what. She is always lookin flawless she has a good sense style and is funny. Don’t mess with her bc she will beat you up!
Janis: Omg! Did you see how pretty Dayanara looks like?
Christy: Yes girl she lookin fyeee!! But did you here she beat up Jordan?
Janis: Fr!?
by !!Jenesis!! August 01, 2018
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Dayanara is a beautiful, tall girl. She does not take shit from other people and she hates people that are disrespectful. If ur nice to her, she will be nice to you,,but if u start to talk shit or look at her a weird way she will ask if u have a problem. She is not afraid to fight anyone who talks shit about her. Dayanara is also a person that is not shy to go up to a stranger and start a convo. Also she has a great style of fashion. Dayanara will stand up to anyone if there not doing something she feels is not right. Dayanara is someone that you can talk to, someone that you can tell a secret to and they will keep it, someone you can express your feelings to, someone you can cry with. Everyone loves and need a Dayanara in there life
Boy:Did you see Dayanara
Girl: yeah, i heard that she went up to that girl cuz she was talking about her
Boy: damn
by _hey_peeps_😉 February 18, 2018
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A latina bitch who can tame herself in public, but will kick your ass if needed.She's sweet, smart but scary smart,caring,tiny,cute,compassionate,patient,loving,kind,has a MASSIVE ass(has it's own gravity,the mass is so large it attracts eye to it,has its own zip code, it's seriously out of space it's the reason Pluto is not a planet ,awesome as fuck,can have random outbursts of bitchiness( but will always love you in the end).Ocassionally scary when threatening to kill you even with just her eyes. She will tell you the truth even though it may make you cry.She's a great dancer.Is easy to fall in love with. An awesome roommate and housewife.She will fuck your ass up if you fuck her over. Easily heartbroken. She hates all the exes but talks to them to to manipulate them making them with no interest in being with them.But that's okay because Dayanara is a good bad bitch at the end of the day. Imperfection is her perfection. So when you find one keep her close and as long as possible because she is worth it.
" I want Dayanara, to be my bad bitch Beyonce"
"Daya was alright in High School, she seemed pretty badass, not like any other girls then."
by Bennnn0987 June 13, 2018
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Dayanara a tall girl. Very nice ,supporting,caring, loving, and if you have a friend like Dayanara you are lucky. Her name isn’t just amazing her personality is. She thinks less of herself but she’s not. She’s also very pretty. She has a great Sense of Humor. If you think she hates you don’t give her a reason to hate you. She gives second chances,but don’t cross the line . Don’t stare and make judgments about her , when you don’t even know her. She is also not judgmental, she loves everyone the way they are. Also loves her family even tho they can sometimes get her mad.
Dayanara is friend I can trust on.
by Nathalie17 November 17, 2018
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An absolutely Amazing beautiful girl. tends to be unique & edgy on a cosmic level. Definatly The girl of your dreams, wet or dry.
person 1- you need a dayanara in your life.
person 2- FO SHO
by Ra Ra Rooow April 15, 2009
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Dayanara is a very outgoing person and is very energetic. She loves to do tumbling. She also is very bright and intelligent. She loves dogs, especially chihuahuas. She gets very upset if she doesn't make a 99 or above, so she aims very high on grades. She likes to spy on people and using her puppy eyes against her best friend. She hates when she gets marks or stars. She also like to comment and point out her best friend's flaws. She got a V-band from her BFF. Overall even if she is sometimes annoying, selfish, and salty...She is still the bestest friend you can ever ask for. Dayanara AKA the perfectionist.
Person 1 - "Let's go to Six Flags!"
Person 2 - "We should bring Dayanara along."

P.S. Dayanara can get ahead of herself sometimes.
by DabbQueen September 16, 2016
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