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1. (as a verb) A portmanteau of the verb "drawing" and the onomathopeia "d'aww". The art of eliciting D'aww's from the viewers of your cute art.
2. (as a noun) A cute artwork making you go "D'aww", the final stage of dawing.
Dude 1 - I finally decided to pick up dawing, wanna see some of my art?
Dude 2 - You meant drawing, no? F**k you, I ain't want none.
Dude 1 - Behold!
Dude 2 - Argh, wt... D'awww!
Dude 1 picks up the D'awww and puts it in his wallet.
Dude 1 - Huehuehue, a taste of things to come...
by surreal nmae April 19, 2018
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