To 'date' someone is to engage in anal sex with this person.
Statement: I hear you've been dating my daughter!
Response: No Sir, we've just been doing it the normal way.
by heasby January 10, 2005
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Going with someone to know more things about them.
He went on a date with her to know more about her
by Verynormalman December 23, 2017
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Sharing juuls with each other
β€œDo u want to date me”?

β€œIdk, how many juuls do you have”?
by Jasonkito May 16, 2018
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Time Date: A day, week, month or year
Love Date: A time when you go some where with your loved one or a crush
Fruit: A dried piece of fruit found on trees it's very sweet, a great substitute for candy
Girl/Guy: A person that you date
Time: my birth date's 4/19/1990.
Love: My date last night was so hot.
Fruit: I have a sweet tooth but I'm on a diet, oh date's are sweet and healthy.
Dude/Gal: my date's so great with small kid's he/she baby sitsπŸ’ž
by Stella bulton September 06, 2016
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