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process of getting to know a potential lover in a formal artificial setting. Culture defines serries of steps in which certain topics and activities are divided into series. Ex. Americans have divided the sex act into bases. These can change for the most part kissing is first base, intercourse fourth base.
Don't talk about kids on the first date.
by blaspheme your maker April 18, 2015

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some one who practices levy satanism , and uses animal attraction to manipulate others

Levy wanted to bring out the beast in in the human being. He instructs women to dress alluringly in high heals so that she can use men before they use her. Levy encouraged the most carnal wild sexuality and indulgence of ego.
Sara Palin must have used bitchcraft to get by in politics on her looks.
by blaspheme your maker April 18, 2015

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Patter is Related biological specimen or pattern assimulated by your mom to make you.

Paternity, mindset of boasting about having descendents.
paternity used ensure in heritance from kings, now its tool to extrort .
by blaspheme your maker May 01, 2016

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