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It is also a very sweet fruit, originally grown in the Middle East. It is high in simple sugars and it is actually good for your health if eaten everyday. This fruit grows on certain palm trees.
boy1: "Wow, I took Cindy out on a date ... guess what we had for a snack?"

boy2: "Uhh, I dunno.... coffee?"

boy1: "NO dude, we had some dates. She loved them so much, she gave me a blowjob."
by Taiksays April 28, 2007
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To shag someone and if it goes okay, take them to the movies the next day.
I'm taking her to see Lego The Movie in 3D! Gonna be such a RAD dddddddโ€ฆ..day. Ummm. Date. I guess.
by midtowner February 16, 2014
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Going to the movies and getting those special 2 person seats.
Man: Would you like to go to the movies? We can get the comfy 2 person seats!! ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

Female: Consider it a date!!
by ALAMO89 November 11, 2018
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particular time spend with someone with intent on a casual term and not break bond of friendship"
When you hang out with someone even if their is no "action" intented, but still wating to have fun, (IE with oposite sex)

"Would you like to go on a casuly date (name)?"
by Hirok Parkinson October 20, 2006
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A rare gathering between a Tech boy and a UVA girl. This occurance is rare because the UVA girl, due to her nature, often plays hard to get and only accepts to go out about 1/5 of the times that the Tech boy offers, despite the fact the UVA girl is in love with the Tech Boy and dreams about him regularly.
The UVA girl finally decided to go on a date with a Tech Boy. They went out to lunch and ate bagels.
by uhhuhyea April 16, 2009
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You can tell the age of a camel by checking out its date
by god February 12, 2003
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