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Dashel is generally a very good looking person after he/she hits 18. From their younger years they are mostly called ugly. Some may refer to him/her as "retarded". They are fantastic friends and will absolutely annihalate anybody who is rude/a backstabber. This individual is likely to have an ongoing relationship with a long lost friend. If this person is a male they are likely to hold a world record of the longest "penis" or "most likely to make girls love being girls". If a female she is renowned as a very active pornhub star.
Dashel is good at making friends. I wish everyone was like him/her.
by Dragos_Bane September 28, 2017
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Dashel is a cute and sweet guy who aims to please everyone he meets , he’s a giant dork who is DTF
Omg did you hear Dashel is totally dtf?
by Cathybear January 06, 2019
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