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One who has no regard for opposite a male outside of using, taking, disrespecting, lying, cheating, stealing, trashing, emotionally destroying/abusing, etc., all while pretending their significance to him. Goes above and beyond to do for people (whon refuse to do for themselves) that have no regard for his personal losses and makes it his obligation to involve himself in their drama, at risks. Divulges other peoples sensitive matters to others to gain attention as if he's extending trust in them. Puts a bare minimum but enough to say he's contributing, towards personal obligations, then exaggerates his contribution as to complain that he is mistreated and accused it's not enough. Borrows with no intent of repaying. Game player. Deceptive behavior/persona.
That girl has been darrinized twice and wonders why she is a mess.
He is in jail for darrinizing again and no one even gives one iota. He darrinized his parents about his child support so they didn't make him pay as much rent this month.I was darrinized, now I'm short on my car payment. Once I darrinized her I'll move on to my next victim.
by Buzzy4Life100% March 29, 2016
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