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1. An inappropriate, crude, or shocking statement or phrase that is almost always followed by an exclamation of "Darrin!! Oh my god!!!"
2. Word vomit that is often intended to shock or surprise. Always overtly crass and inappropriate.
Darrin: well, if you didn't want to end up pregnant you should have taken it in the ass.
Linda: Darrin!! Oh my God!!!

Darrin: You know your boyfriends sperm count is high if you have to chew before you swallow.
Suzanne: Darrin!! Oh my God!!!

Darrin: So... Just wondering if your mom has plastic slip covers on her couch. Just wondering if she's a squirter or not?
Linda: Darrin!!! No no no! (Face palm)

Darrin: Here's a Darrinism for you...Bite the pillow, I'm coming in dry!!!
Linda and Suzanne: What the hell!!! No!!!
by Linzanne August 13, 2016
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