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An asshole on anyone....
My woman has a nice dark star...tho it is a bit hairy....
by d0c March 17, 2008
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A dark star is a charecter in literature who puts on a happy go lucky personality, when they are really miserable. Its called this because the charecter is hard to see being miserable, Just as it is hard to see a black hole in the vast black blanket of space.

Dark star can also describe people who are give the appearance of being happy so they dont negatively impact people around them or to cover up negative emtions or habbits.
1.I dident expect Nick to kill himself he seemed so happy.

2.A percent of suicide victims are dark stars.
by Psycho Feedback October 01, 2017
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Darkstar is a song by both Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY)AND The Grateful Dead.
darkstar is 2 songs for the price of two! fngh
by pokemonfreak1231 September 05, 2005
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a Production company in Sanford, Florida
DRK STR for short
a Group Eshon Hardy (Young Stallion) started
yo nigga you heard about dark star
they givin aways beats and free shit
by Elfresh August 20, 2008
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-A star that has dark motives.

-A bright person with a dark heart.

-Beautiful, yet deadly.

-A star that no one can see but everyone can feel.

-Queen of Darkness

-The Loving Wife of a Man named Strength or Strengthy.

-The Demonic Woman who commands all darkness.
Strength was shot down, and Dark Star cried her dark tears, flooding the world with eternal darkness.
by SecretAdmirer September 30, 2004
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