The witty dialogue made famous throughout various social circles by Daniel Edmonds & Peter Frazer. Based off the adoption of a serious attitude whilst conveying humourous context in conversation. Without knowing about danter, an outsider may become seriously confused listening to a party conversing in this.
Member 1: I think the world is going to explode tomorrow.
Member 2: Oh really? That would be a shame.
Member 1: Yes. It would. I mean, I haven't fed the dog.

Onlooker: Oh look. It's those two conversing in danter! It's amusing to watch.
by Tristan Craft June 12, 2006
when one spews utterly shit banter
Big J: sherif you're so moist
Louis: that's such danter big j
by bigj96 February 17, 2015
Akin to the word banter, but said in the most sarcastic manner. The word is often used in reference to people of Welsh descent and of the name Daniel. The term is said to originate from the deepest ghetto of Harrow. However, its usage was soon pan-European, spreading to the Tuscan hills.
Dan-"Hi, I'm Dan. Dirty Dan. I live Rugby, I eat rugby and I drink 1 pint."

Dan- "Hi, I pulled a girl...once."
Lad- "Danter"

Dan - "I was watching Charolette Church Show, and after one tug I came everywhere".

After rainy day, Dan- "Thank God I am wearing 2 shirts".
Lad- "Danter"
More to follow
by alphadawg s March 31, 2011
This word origanates from Banter. It means Downs banter... Laughing at someone's expense for saying something ridiculous as if they were retarded.
The Danter was fantastic becuase Jonny was comming off with the most retarded things. The whole day was Banter
by xCxCx August 25, 2009
The severe lack of banter may be referred to as danter. When a person tells a joke that is in no way funny another person may say "good danter".

The opposite of banter
"just got tossed off by Ria, it was well good" says Dan.
"Good Danter!" says George
by dawhitestblackguy123 May 7, 2014