The internet kid and notorious emo villain or jack of all trades (if you will) known as “j Grimes” (june wick, old J, junifer , king of rhyme)

The only guy without a filter who says what’s on his mind and enacts his chaotic schemes but by the time he tells you it’s too late to stop him.

soundcloud rapper and suspected criminal who’s the poster boy for destruction and disorganized crime.
Any definition of big J that praises or strokes juniors ego is accurate

Dr J is synonymous with Big J, a rebellious edge lord that plows your girlfriend as she cries for more!

Big J could be referring to juniors thing or himself, either way it’s the correct way to refer to him as

Make an appointment

Schedule an interview

Cuz yall know what big J’s about to do

Big J is a force to be reckoned with!
by Misfired December 12, 2021
A younger man usually in his 20’s. He’s the Big Dick on the block where ever he is at, even if he isn’t. And won’t hesitate to put a fool in his place. Highly immature and childish at times, and cant ever keep commitments.
Here comes Big J and some of his dude bros, probably coming to do some rabble rousing or schmoozing.
by Boliver T. Shagnasty April 8, 2019
An affectionate title for a blowjob. A Big J is a "Big Job," Job being short for blowjob.
"Alright, eh, how bout a Big J?"
by Gumballs October 21, 2009
Big J died for us on the cross, dude's awesome.
by Lucariokid November 14, 2016
The sexiest beast you've EVER seen, and he's one of the greatest badminton players alive, and above all he is awesome.
D-money:Wow did you check out the way that Big J smashed that cock?
Random Girl:I want to touch his cock
by Jamizzle October 1, 2004
Big J, also known as Jason Blinn is a person who tries to run but is not very fast. He tries is best, but the carp is always faster.
Big J is very slow.
by David Gim Lover 123 November 14, 2019