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1. Good weed
2. Highly potent weed (chronic)
3. Good stuff (usually referring to weed)
4. Something awesome to the maxx
1. That is my favorite dank shit man.
2. Aw I hit that dank shit and I was gone.
3. Wow that's some dank shit right there.
4. Wow this store has some dank shit!
by SxktnKandi October 28, 2005
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1. Often referred to something good, usually better than average. Often an expression used to descibe the quality of Marijuana
2. A good, healthy literal shit.
Jon smoked the dank shit before seeing the show

Jon took a dank shit in the bathroom.
by Kyle Ramsey August 16, 2006
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After you smoke. You take a shit and it smells like marijuana
Yo I just had a major dank shit. Got me high all over again!
by questionman2468 November 25, 2016
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Something that is extremely amazing or fucking awesome. Could be referring to a person, place or thing.
Melvin: Hey whos your wife?
Me: Jenna Stanton bitchhh.
Melvin: Oh real talk?
ME: Hellllll yeah. The bitch is dank shit!
by Alexazeeeez October 08, 2008
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